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The more the merrier pretty much sums her up. With her interest in spirituality, expect to celebrate festivals of more than one culture — in fact, expect to celebrate them all. A good party is what everyone needs, after all. According to the Sagittarian woman, the best parties have the most guests, the most food and, of course, drinks flowing on tap! The Sagittarian woman will cook a huge spread that incorporates food from every corner of the globe and will be an entertaining, if somewhat excitable, host. In fact, both Sagittarian men and women can have hot tempers that flare up without warning.

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Sagittarians of both sexes thrive in high powered and high pressured jobs — they make good judges or lawyers. They also have a talent for sales. With their love of travel and adventure, a career as a travelling salesperson may well seem very attractive to them. She wants a partner who is her equal, both mentally and physically. Instead, explain the mysteries of life and love to her. Knowledge is her thing. She values love that blossoms from friendship and, to be honest, her life is already pretty full as it is!

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Take a Sagittarian woman on a date to somewhere that sparks her deep interest in spirituality and travel. Take her to the ocean on the night of the full moon, light her a fire and cook her an exotic meal. Sagitarrian woman loves good food, loves good company, and loves to talk.

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The Sagittarian male is addicted to learning. He might have a huge library, or spend a lot of time pursuing the knowledge that feeds his internal fires. The Sagittarius man is a great dad who will take the kids hiking, teach them to swim, and explain — at every opportunity — the right way to live.

Listen to his stories, encourage his need for adventure and let him go — he wants you at his side and he wants you to enjoy life just as much as he does.

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Sagittarius needs excitement and thrives on adventure. In fact, many earth signs may be just too grounded and practical for the typical Sagittarius. Scorpio may be another problem relationship with this lively sign. For Sagittarius to enjoy spending time with you, you need to remember that they need a lot of activity — both physical and mental.

Similarly, Sagittarius is notoriously clumsy so if you value your vintage china collection, this may also be a sign for you to avoid! So is travelling through the universe in the pursuit of the unattainable. It's easy to see that relationships and partnerships are a cornerstone of our lives.

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The success of the human race depends almost entirely on our ability to understand and engage in "True and Real Partnerships" rather than any ol' sloppy relationship. When we consider intimate, long-term romantic relationships marriage, living together, etc. As we have mentioned in the classes, we can view the astrological mandala circle as twelve individual signs, or as six pairs, with those signs that are one hundred-eighty degrees, or in opposition to one another, forming pairs.

Those six pairs are:. Each of these pairs has its own radically different and distinct way of pair-bonding. A huge problem on Earth, and especially in the western world, is that the very traditional Cancer-Capricorn way of pair-bonding mother, father, children, savings account, college is the only one that is understood, validated and fully supported and encouraged by the cultures. Aries-Libra gets considerable support, yet that axis is chocked full of minefields. Going forward into the future from this point, one of the keys to a new paradigm of successful pair-bonding will be to understand, honor, accept, allow and fully support and encourage all six ways of long-term committed pair-bonding.

This is an indication that the changes in the way we do relationships and partnerships are occurring at the most basic, structural level. The fundamental "rules" that govern the way we conduct ourselves in relationships and partnerships are changing.

This cycle of change Saturn in Libra began at the end of October, and will continue through early October It is during this three-year period that we have been, and will continue to experience upheavals in ALL relationships. Yes, Libra is all relationships and partnerships, not only romantic love relationships. Libra is also relationships between siblings, friends, parents and children, employers and employees, between nations! You don't have to be a visionary to see that the way all of these entities relate to one another is changing rapidly and drastically.

After this three-year period the way - and the reasons! We will not have the option of going backward to "the good ol'days" or "the bad ol' days". It's all changing permanently. So whether you participate in this class live via the internet or phone, or listen to the archived recording - you need this information!

Imagine that you're in a ceremonial communion with the Spirit of your favorite oracle card deck. You still your thoughts to a thin, streaming, singular laser-like focus and you say, "Dear Oracle, I'm going to pull one card from the deck and I'm asking you to make it the card that answers the question: 'Who am I, or, what is my particular path, or, who am I to be and become in this Lifetime? Welcome to Virgo. The question for those on the Virgo path is something like, "What does it mean for me to be a priestess or priest in these times?

Or, "What does humanity need its priestesses and priests to be and do at this time of unfathomable change on Earth"? Or, "If I have the opportunity to redefine the concept of "sacred" for all humanity, what is that new definition be and how will it change the way we live? Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics.

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