Scorpio scorpio cusp sign compatibility

So, don't ask them that hard question unless you are open to receiving a potentially blistering response. This disarming personality trait can be valuable in both professional and personal lives, but can also cause drama in both when not delivered in a constructive manner. In spite of — or perhaps because of — this truth-telling tendency, the Libra-Scorpio has a leg up when it comes to social interactions. Their charisma stems from their raw sexual energy and their detached charm.

They can be bossy and sarcastic, but there is a level of, well, honesty to it all, making this potentially unattractive trait somewha In relationships, the Libra - Scorpio cusp is romantic and loyal.

Libra/Scorpio ♎♏ The Cusp of Drama and Criticism

Of course, the flip-side of that loyalty is jealousy, which can really harm their love lives if not kept in check. Thankfully, the Libra-Scorpio is blessed with a determined tenacity, so if keeping their jealousy in control is something they truly want to do, they can figure out a way to make it work. That determination and tenacity comes in handy in the professional life of a Libra-Scorpio as well, giving them all the ingredients it takes to accomplish the big goals that they set for themselves.

Ego can come into play here, and it's a good thing to consider when faced with those stubborn moments when change feels hard. So, if you are a Libra-Scorpio, ask yourself if your ego is getting in the way of true greatness. I swear I just want him to be happy. Especially interested in scobras born on OCT Please tell me what goes on in your head!! Details please. Especially when it comes to love. It gets bumpy every now n then. I think this will either turn into marriage Waay later down the line or a relationship that lasts a couple years before parting ways for our differences.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

Or a woman who dont take shit from no one. Strong yet feminine. Just stfu and chill out dont ask no? We are crazy sexy fun! Also we annoy people about small details. We also have quirks that annoy some signs especially Leo.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

And we LOVE acting and being all dramatic! Sometimes we want to be the center of attention and applauded for our talents even if we keep it secret. We love arguments but we know how to pick our fights. We are also DAMN sexy, deal with it. And yes, we are particular about the sex appeal of others.

I luv being a scobra, my bday is the 24th! I attract lots of aries guys and have had lots libra guys to have crushes on me! I love being pampered! I can easily discern others vibes! Just to magnetize favor and remain in good graces with prosperous people.

Dates: October 19 - 25

I try to always find the good in any bad situations! I know this CUSP well. They just need to learn how to not be Negative, Self-sabotaging,Vindictive to the Extreme, Two-faced, Not throw people under the bus, Decent communication skills and in general just to STFU with what is told to you in confidence by someone.

Oh yeah! As how you are thinking it in your head, is not what is coming out of your mouth. Your grammar might need some work. Example: Joe likes peanut butter and Joe is a serial killer. Therefore, every peanut butter-loving guy named Joe must also be a serial killer. Scorlibrans are mature beyond their years and they know their flaws. We seek truth in everything, good AND bad. Also, u may want to consider how that energy u were projectibg here contributes to that perception for u.

I suffer the consequences rather than change my mind. If u ask for my opinion, brace yourself for fireworks. God it feels good to be a part of such a beautiful cusp family! I love having 2 signs…. I love being fixed air and cardinal water…. I was born that day as well, in My personality is so Scorlibran. I was always confused when I was a kid and I would read horoscope books because some said the 23rd was Scorpio and others said it was Libra. I never knew what I was, but thought that both kind of sounded like me. I ponder the meaning of life way too much and am critical of alot of things.

Omg, Kicia you are not alone on that thought. I have always wondered and felt that I could do that to an extent. I love being a librorpio.

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My last-minute, impulsive decisions and stubbornness have paid off in many ways. I love to explore new places, take risks, pet sharks… And for some reason, people become addicted to me. Try creating yourself as an individual instead of relying on the stars. Western astrology, particularly the zodiac, was started before heliocentrism, ie. My favorite color is bruise black, purple, blue, and green.

I love learning, but prefer knowing. I was born on Oct. So, pretty much as close to the transition as possible. And alot of what described in this Libra-Scorpio cusp is exactly who I am. Alot of the good stuff, and scared to say alot, and I mean alot of the bad stuff as well. Too creepy.!!

Cusp Signs Compatibility

I like being around people as much As I enjoy alone time, which is a little too much. I also have trouble balancing the emotional Scorpio with intellect libra and often get too emotionally tongue tied in conflicts which I avoid like the plague! I never got why my sign always says this, but maybe it is because I am a cusper.

Other than this, I love my sign! Sorry for the wall of text and love to all my fellow scobrans! I was born on October 25th funny how my mother is a libra and my father is a scorpio. I never knew I was considered a cusp sign I feel I embody more scorpio traits personally.

Libra Scorpio Cusp – Dates, Man, Woman, Compatibility

Myself, father, and brother are all scorpios. You could imagine a very emotional house hold. Roll with your over thinking and use it to your advantage. Then try to use better English when writing. Very Prideful and truthful wwhich can be unintentionally painful to others.

Extremely Moody inside but to others it appear that were fine. Very Big on Respect and if done wrong it makes a horrible outcome. For me what often tend to pull me in a relationship is a person who is mysterious who can make me wonder about them..

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  • Idk maybe its just me but I love to learn about everything in everyway, Especially, love, Sex, And Creepy and wierd But also death. Anyway, I feel you fellow critical thinkers.

    I seriously think that is all i do. My brain never shuts off, I hate it sometimes.