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From the weapon's race When it's Laid to Waste By the Children of Eden Kiss tomorrow goodbye That day could be soon Give us the Strength Give us the Wisdom And give us Tomorrow Robbie Robertson - Showdown at Big Sky. Today I Start my Life Anew Venus is moving into an alignment with Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius right now That is the core of the energy that indicates there will be massive disclosures of information that has been held back from us, for what could be 60 years or more Jupiter has that exploration kind of quality to it, so instantly my mind wanders towards outer-space and the spiritual significance of Modern Life.

To really get into the Jupiter groove, you have to ask yourself all those "What If" questions Sorta-kinda like all those movies where the "People from Space" came to visit good ol' Planet Earth Obviously, there would be a lot of fear and uncertainty regarding the "intentions" of the "visitors" I am sure you can imagine the extreme reactions of many would be Especially by those in the highest positions of power the Saturn in Capricorn part of this transit and wealth who could see a visit like this as a threat to their positions and status. While this may be a lousy example, you get the idea You could bet your ass that those in the highest positions of power and wealth would want to keep things exactly as they currently are, because "It is Good to be King" To be able to decide who gets what and when Who gets to win and who gets to lose I am not making social commentary here I am talking about the real powers behind the scenes deliberately holding back beneficial scientific advancements of some of our great minds And how many thousands of other inventors or scientists that created inventions that could have eliminated so many problems and improved the conditions for the entire world.

Yeah, I could be wrong This current energy is there to make people more aware of the Big Picture Jupiter in Sagittarius and to cause us to question What If what is holding back our progress Not just in the global picture but in our personal lives as well But as this energy takes hold, it will signal the beginning of a brand new era for all of mankind The difference now as it was back in the late 50's when this energy last occurred is that our current technology makes it possible to reveal the truth and expose what has been covered up or hidden.

As Venus moves forward over the next couple weeks we reach "Phase II" Venus will make an alignment of with Saturn in Capricorn That is when the universe will step in and start making needed adjustments This energy will start out relatively slow at first, but just like a locomotive train, it will continue to build speed and intensity until it is so strong that it cannot be stopped until the task is completed. Uranus in Aries, also connected to Venus It is also a method to keep people divided against each other, so we do not take the time to realize there is some kind of fuckery goin' on And that will be another part of what will be revealed too Just remember, "A divided House is Doomed to fail" Is that the real intention of what we are seeing?

Not from the actual politicians, but from those that are really in power behind the scenes that pull their strings. The good news is that this chart shows a VERY positive result from all of these transits But it can be like going to a dentist In order to get rid of the pain, you must correct the problem These are transits that are designed to put us back on track to a more prosperous and spiritual future So people can live with optimism instead of fear of having to do without or not having enough These are not political battles we are seeing, but it really is whether you want to believe me or not this is a "Showdown at Big Sky" It is really a spiritual battle of the highest nature.

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Instead of choosing sides and taking on a "it's us against them" kind of mentality, it is all about finding the common wants and needs we all share and finding the ways to make things better for everybody. Today's energy will be very intuitive and perceptive Having the Moon moving into the sign of Pisces, it naturally increases our psychic abilities And Venus and Mercury moving through the solar 8th House do the same thing All this is there to help re-build and restore relationships and bring them to much higher levels.

There is a strong emotional intensity that goes along with today's chart The kind where you can run when the wind is at your back, and the need to be wise enough not to push yourself beyond your limits when the wind is at your face.

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