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Sign In. Analysis- Necromancy, witchcraft, Enemy, cause Enmity by alok jagawat September 8, Roop Chand Joshi. Raman's Important works Topics: B. Raman, Astrology, Horoscope, Hindu Astrology. Astrology For Beginners by B.

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Raman is a book that has been written for those who are interested in the field of Astrology or those who want to explore the subject for their curiosity. The book is in its 26th edition and begins with a foreword. It is divided into chapters and the details are explained in a sequential manner.

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The first chapter in the book talks about the requisites of Astrology and the second chapter deals with the creation of a horoscope. The next few chapters reveal the Topics: astrology, for, beginners, b, v, raman, ramana, bangalore, venkataraman, venkat, venkata, ramana, Astrology Books by B Suryanarayana Row. It is a page book excellently informative book on Ancient Indian Astrology alias Vedic Astrology.

Topics: ancient, indian, astrology, astronomy, ancient indian astrology, jyotish, vedic astrology, Books Published by All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies and Future Point India Topics: astrology, jyotish, future, point, all, indian, federation, of, astrologers', astrologers, Sanskrit Jyotisha Books, many of which are from the Digital Library of India Topics: jyotisha, astrology, jyotish, vedic, vedic astrology.

Simple emthodology to manually calculate astrological cusps and converting them to Nirayana Langitudes is given with solved examples Topics: Astrology, Houses, Cusps, Nirayana Longitudes. Genuine research group for astrologers Topics: horoscope, astrology, jyotish, dasa, sadesathi, free predictions, b v raman, c s patel, parasara A book on Medical Astrology by "Raphael".

Detailing the effects of the planets and stars on the physical body. Topics: medical, astrology, raphael.

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It is a ancient book of astrology. Discussions about Parivartana Yoga Exchange of signs by planets during its periods and its variations such as; amsa, sukshma and karaka parivartana yoga. Basic knowledge in astrology is required. Topic: Exchange of signs by planets Parivartana Yoga Astrology.

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Reserach group Topics: horoscope, astrology, jyotish, dasa, sadesathi, free predictions, b v raman, c s patel, parasara Santhanam Contents: Foreword by B. Raman; A few words beforehand; 1. Divisions of Rasis; 2. Planetary character; 3. Planetary strengths; 4. Evils at birth; 6.