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To promote the teachings of his parampara he has formed the Shri Jagannath Center where his advanced students are helping to spread Jyotisha in a way that keeps its spiritual roots. Students learn not only about Jyotisha, but also mantra shastra, mudra, pranayama, meditation, and the Sanatana Dharma.

He is presently working on translating the ancient Jyotish scriptures according to his deep understanding of their meaning that has been given to him through the grace of his parampara.

He is the solo architect of various free and paid courses that have been conceived, prepared and taught by him. These include the SoHamsa Free Courses and.

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We get to see why some people are truly blessed and have a greater access to wealth resources due to the blessing of Kubera. This workshop shall lay the foundation for the study of wealth and career directions.

Biography: Pandit Sanjay Rath

The role played by each of these charts is to be examined in the first day of this two-day workshop. Of these three scholars formed a group and taught the course in the Himalayas to a dozen students who will be graduating as scholars in Hopefully some of them will take the certification viva-voce and qualify as Jaimini Scholars and an even fewer number will qualify as JSP teachers.

Certification is done by an independent board of scholar-teachers headed by Steve Hubball.

Gangaram Hospital.. Vedic Reading includes an examination of your birth chart.

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